Beyond everything



A long term legacy of hospitality

The Abduz drives inspiration from the richness of regional culture and local hospitality and invite travellers from across the world to immerse in luxury and indulge in sophistication at our finely crafted abode.

Perfectly situated in between the beautiful Himalayan Range and the city’s famed local market, to stay at The Abduz is to be immediately enveloped in the finest elements of world-renowned Ladakhi commitment to serenity, luxury and art. A fine part of ‘Spic N Span’ Hospitality Group, The Abduz beams a different class altogether amid the scenic Himalayan backdrop and allow guests to indulge in a luxurious environment while vacationing in Ladakh.

Moonlight disappears down the hills, mountains vanish into calm, and I vanish into luxury

Beyond luxury
Byond hospitality
Beyond experience
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