Savor handcrafted culinary delight

Our signature restaurant, The Dontang, exudes a glamorous and soothing atmosphere, both at the same time and will tempt you with dishes, showcasing both traditional and international cuisines.

An ode to the authentic food and the finest produce, offering expressions of the chef’s attention to detail and eye for perfection. The restaurant boasts a magnificent look and feel that adds to the overall ambience of fine dining.

Cafe Mangja focuses on both local and traditional beverages in a modern yet traditional setting, with elements of Ladakh presented in a sophisticated ambience.

Tea and coffee along with locally famed delicacies such as Butter tea and Kahwa with aromas of fresh ingredients such as ginger and cardamom are prepared to put forth some of the finest drinks that can be be customised as per your definite taste and preferences.

Our lavish in-house patisserie will tempt your taste buds with speciality chocolates, lip-smacking beverages, freshly baked breads and pastries and everything else you can possibly think out of a bakery.

Our chefs’ curated menu will make you delve in some of the finest preparations, invoking great sense of taste with every presentation. Be it your morning baked bread or your evenings’ knack for some fresh baked chocolate cake, at Cake Walk you’ll never be disappointed.